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Thraex and custom made software

Custom Made Software

Thraex software started out in Finland in 1999. It was started by a team of highly enthusiastic software developers. Following its inception, the company was able to produce a good number of high quality programs. Thraex was mainly concerned about developing software for business setups. It was established for purposes of developing software for a wide range of business setups across the business fraternity both in Finland and the entire Europe.

During the first few years of the company’s existence, it was able to thrive. It acted as a shining light among many competitors that existed during the early 2000s. A good number of companies had testified to the commanding presence of Thraex on the software development fraternity. Not shocking, a number of reviews had been provided by other companies. The reviews that were provided by other reliable software development companies were mainly focused on certain areas as highlighted in the passage.

Thraex and custom made software

Thraex was actively involved involved in the development of software which is custom made. It accepted orders from customers who were interested in ordering custom made software. The company was able to come up with software whose attributes were tailored to suit the customers. This applies to all the software that Thraex’s software development team brought on board including business and regular software. For example, customers were at liberty to order custom versions of the iconic project management software Sirid. Like every software development company, Thraex charged more for custom made software.

Thraex and generic software

Thraex had a commanding presence on the software development fraternity owing to its highly effective mass production strategy. But, the reviewing companies are also aware of one thing.

Generic Software for Business

Generic Software for Business

By the onset of the last decade, the software development industry had been flooded by a vast array of software developers from all corners of the globe. Most notably, the industry was flooded by many project management programs for Windows, Mac, Linux and other reputable platforms. Thraex failed to come to terms with the current software market situation. As a result, it drooped faster than it even bloomed. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the stiff competition that characterized the software development fraternity was responsible for causing Thraex to fall.

Thraex as a commanding software development company

The software development companies that existed during the first few years of Thraex’s inception were quick to attest to one thing. This is the fact that Thraex had successfully managed to assert itself as a significant name on the software development fraternity. Not shocking, the company stood to be an iconic figure of the generic software development industry. This view of Thraex and the software that it developed was also shared by many business owners that existed during the time. It is thus safe to conclude that Thraex had been a software development company worth reckoning with during the first few years of its existence. The company’s rivals also attested to their desire to emulate Thraex in a number of areas pertaining to software development.