Among the various top-notch software development companies, Thraex software is a name to reckon. Ever since its inception in 1999, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable and innovative company.

The company’s main objective was to develop software for a diverse range of businesses, belonging to the business community in Finland and other parts of Europe.

Even though the software is not in use now for the past few years, the stellar performance of the company had supported many businesses effectively. Let us see the various business applications of the software here.

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Important Thraex Software Businesses Should Be Aware Of

Among the extensive product range of Thraex software, a few products are very popular among businesses. These include

  • Astrum Install Wizard
  • Sirid
  • Astrum (Chinese Version)

Astrum Install Wizard is a software application used for creating installation programs.

Sirid helps in task assignment between personnel, bug reporting, and specification management.

Sirid lite is a special Si-rid version that makes reporting bugs, assigning tasks, recording feature requests and managing specification simpler.

Sirid Standard is the fundamental software application for professional grade project management. The main advantage of Sirid is it can be flexible and practical.

Generic And Custom Software

Initially, Thraex software focused its design efforts on providing efficient software to help small businesses market their services and products. These software solutions were mostly generic in nature. This enabled the company to create a very effective mass production of such generic software.

Soon the market saw an increase in similar software providers. The programs for project management also diversified for various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and others.

Thraex was unable to keep up with the competition. This led to the company considering custom software.

Custom Software From Thraex

The company began to provide software that was customized to suit the needs of customers. It specialized in developing software for businesses and regular software with the facility for customization based on the specifications provided by the customers.

Because of the customization, the company charged more for the software. Customers were able to order a custom version of the basic Thraex software namely Sirid.

Custom-Made Business Solutions

Thraex remains an iconic software development solution because it offers customers

  • Professional  and well organized solutions
  • Customized and appropriate software programs
  • unparalleled speed

The expert team at Thraex used the advanced tools proficiency and expertise they had to create software products tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. In fact, many contemporaries followed the footsteps of Thraex in different niches, where it made an indelible mark with its software prowess.

Besides its business software programs, Thraex also focuses on developer tools for fledgling developers as well as for use by advanced software developing professionals.

Unfortunately, despite being a reckoning force in custom and generic software development, Thraex Software Company does not exist now. In spite of multitude of efforts, the software developing company has not regained full operation status yet.

For companies looking for software similar to Thraex, there are alternative choices like Bug tracker in place of Sirid and InstallShield Professional 11 for Install Wizard and more.