Software Production

software production

Business software has continued to be at the center of the running of business. Today, there is barely any business task that cannot be handled by business software. This explains why almost every business is in possession of its own business software. Further, the investment in custom made software has helped most business setups to enjoy the use of software whose attributes are tailored to suit their preferences. The availability of business software has been made possible by the coming of many business software developers.

A perfect example of a reliable developer of business software is Thraex. This is a Finland based company which was established in the late 1990s. During the first few years of the early 2000s, Thraex enjoyed a lot of success. It was mainly involved in the development and distribution of generic software for business setups of all kinds. But, it was also involved in the making of custom software although this was not the first priority. Based on the high quality of the software that Thraex produced, it became quite popular across the entire business fraternity in Finland and beyond. Up to this day, some business owners are still glued to the use of Thraex’s business software. This is further testimony to the reliability of the software that is made by Thraex.

The downside of using Thraex business software

Over the years, Thraex business software has become quite popular and famous. It is possible to download such software from the internet in a single click. The search engine rankings of keywords pertaining to Thraex software are quite high. Therefore, it is fairly easy to find a download link to certain business programs that have been developed by Thraex.

Alternatives to Thraex’s business software

Alternatives to Thraex’s Business Software

But, there is a downside to the use of Thraex business software. This is something that is worth bearing in mind when searching for software that has been brought on board by Thraex. The main downside that is associated with using Thraex’s business software is the fact that the company is no longer in operation. Even though efforts to revive the company may be underway, it is still not in full operation. Even if you wanted to get in touch with the development team for assistance or any queries, there is no guaranteed that you receive a response within a reasonable time frame. For this reason, it is a perfect idea to always search for alternative business programs especially if they can easily be found. Since most of the software by Thraex was mainly developed for the business community, it is possible to come across reliable alternatives.

Major alternatives to Thraex’s business software

There are alternatives to Thraex’s business software that you can go for. But, this depends on the type of business software you are looking for. In case you use Thraex’s Sirid, which is mainly for the management of software projects, you can look for alternatives such as Sirid lite, Bug tracker and sage project management software. Each of these choices comes with a wide range of features that make them suitable replacements for Thraex’s Sirid for Windows.

There is also Astrum, which is an advanced tool for the creation of installations on computers. Alternatives to this software are Actuall Installer 6.2, TrueUpdate and InstallShield Professional 11.