About Us

Thraex software is an iconic software development company which was established in 1999 in Finland. Ever since its inception, the company has been able to pride itself as one of the best software development companies that are available today. What is worth noting is the fact that Thraex had managed to assert itself on the software development fraternity at the time when software development was in its development stages. During the early 2000s, we were able to win the hearts of many customers across Finland and the entire Europe or even beyond. This was mainly due to our innovativeness and ability to produce software that is reliable.

Our brief history

We have a very interesting background which dates back to the late 1900s. Prior to the close of the year 1999, we launched our company in a bid to revolutionize the entire software development fraternity. We worked tirelessly to realize this dream and made sure every member of our targeted customer audience was satisfied with our products.

During the first few years of our operation, we managed to provide high quality software for the business fraternity. We mainly focused on the production of generic software. But, we were also open to the development of custom software for customers that had preferred custom made software.

During the first few years of our operation, we enjoyed maximum success in a number of areas ranging from sales, marketing and innovativeness. We were also able to attract highly qualified software developers from across Finland.

At the start of the company, our main focus was on the production of mass business software. Therefore, the business community was our main targeted audience of customers. But, we later expanded our software production to the making of generic software for other customers. This came with a lot of advantages as we expanded our business horizons and generated more profits in the long run.

Major software campaigns

Thraex is greatly renowned for its major software campaigns that it launched during the early days of its inception. We launched Sirid, very powerful project management software which is still used today. There is also a download link that you can find on the internet. It is mainly designed to meet the needs of software developers around the world.

Apart from Sirid, we also managed to bring on board another iconic name dubbed Astrum. This is also used up to do and is available on the internet for download.

The fall of the company

Unfortunately, Thraex is no longer in operation. This is qualified by the lack of an official website. If you tried to log on to our official website, you will not be able to find anything on it. But, it is hoped that the company can be revived in the near future.

This does not mean that you cannot search for Thraex’s software and still find it. There are many links to the software made by Thraex. Further, the download links and pages on third party sites are all available up to this day. Therefore, finding the software on the internet is not something that is impossible.

Although its software can still be found on the internet, it lacks the much needed customer support. Therefore, it is not always a perfect idea to even consider buying Thraex’s software. Further, there is currently no official website for Thraex which you can refer to in case you wanted to find out a few important details about the company and its products.

If you tried to search for any of Thraex’s software in the search engines, you will only come across the download link. But, you will not be able to open the link to the developer’s official website. Even if you did, you will not find any viable information on the site.