When Thraex was introduced at the summit of the 1990s, it appeared as if it will never fall. The company came with a lot of innovativeness and originality, two feats which accounted for its initial success. Further, the fact that the competitors that were available at the time did not have the capacity to offer stiff competition to the company also accounted for its success during the earliest days of its operation.

As it's peak of operation

As it’s peak of operation

During the course of the first ten years of the company’s operation, it was able to hit major milestone targets. But, it was soon to decline based on a wide range of factors. Both internal and external factors had led to the downfall of Thraex. Efforts to reignite the company in the recent past have not seen much success. Here is an indepth discussion of the rise and fall of the once mighty software company in a bid to discover what really led to its fall and whether the fall could have been prevented or not.

Earliest days of operation

During the earliest days of the company’s operation, it was all blissful. The company had a wide customer audience and received a lot of orders from many business owners. This was mainly owed to Thraex’s high innovativeness and ability to meet the needs of most of the business owners that existed at the time.

Thraex had been able to win the hearts of many business owners that existed during the first five years of its operation. This was mainly because of the company’s ability to produce custom made software that matched the needs of its customers.

The beginning of tides

Following the end of the first five years of the company’s existence, the tides had started raging. The company’s performance had significantly dropped during the next six years that followed the earliest years of success.

Although there is little information to account for the progressive fall of the company, it is quite clear that both external and internal factors had been responsible for causing the company to fall. What is also known is the fact that the company’s fall came gradually rather than suddenly. Problems that characterized the company’s operations especially during the first five years following the end of the era of success, eventually led to its downfall.

The downfall of Thraex

The downfall of Thraex

The final fall; major factors which led to the fall

It is now time to thoroughly understand the actual situation which characterized the downfall of the company and the factors that led to it. As indicated earlier, the downfall of the company was caused by both external and internal factors.

One of the major factors that led to the company’s downfall was the upsurge in the number companies that developed software products similar to those that Thraex had produced. Further, the software that was developed by competing companies was exhibiting signs of being advanced and more reliable.

As more of such software emerged on the market, they forced a situation that the Thraex management company would not want to recall. The customer audience that Thraex had been targeting obviously found it hard to continue relying on Thraex’s products. This expressly explains why the company’s downfall had started.