Competitor of Thraex Software

Competitor of Thraex Software

If you launched your business prior to the early 2000s, you may be fully aware of the existence of Thraex. This is a name that had managed to become very famous and popular following its inception in 1999. The coming of Thraex took the business community by surprise especially that its products were renowned for reliability, robustness and effectiveness. This is exactly what the business community was looking for and they finally had it thanks to Thraex.

During the first few years of the company’s existence, it had been able to thrive appreciably. The major software products that were brought on board by the company are Astrum and Sirid. Installation creation is the main function of the former, while the latter was designed for purposes of streamlining the management of projects especially software development projects.

The years that followed

Thraex continued to thrive as a software development company for more than five years following its inception. The years that followed the era of success had been characterized by stiff competition and a stunted customer audience. Not shocking, Thraex started losing sales. There number of customers who were interested in trying Thraex’s software had depleted significantly. This was also replicated by the number of customers who were interested in buying the software made by the company. Up to this day, Thraex’s software is not as popular and as famous as it used to be following its establishment.

The true reason behind the downfall of Thraex

That Thraex’s software is no longer as popular as it used to be a decade ago should not be shocking. This is mainly because the current software market is characterized by stiff competition, innovativeness and originality. In general, the company’s downfall was mainly due to the stiff competition that characterized the software development industry.

Which companies gave competition to Thraex?

Competion of Thraex Software

Competion of Thraex Software

As indicated earlier, Thraex’s downfall is mainly attributed to the stiffness of the competition that characterized the software development fraternity. Even though a number of internal factors could also have contributed significantly to the downfall of the firm, competition was on top of the external factors that orchestrated its fall. The final nail on Thraex’s coffin was hammered by the lack of customers leading to decreased sales and profits.

There are specific companies which were responsible for causing Thraex to fall. Thanks to the competition that such companies provided, Thraex was no longer able to be on top of others. Today, there are modern day companies that have continued to obscure the rise of Thraex. Recent efforts to revive the company have been overshadowed by a number of companies around the world. Major examples of software products whose presence on the market has overshadowed the rise of Thraex are highlighted below.

  • Sage project management software; this is iconic software for the management of projects of all kinds including software development projects. It has managed to usurp a good number of software products which are primarily meant for the management of projects. Thraex is not an exception to this fate.
  • Bug tracker; this is reliable software for the management of software development projects of all kinds. It mimics most of the features that are possessed by Thraex’s Sirid. But, it has an extended combination of functions which have enabled it to surpass Sirid.
  • InstallShield; this is software for the installation of various programs. It is another iconic product which has continued to crowd the popularity of Thraex.